We have more than 10 years experience of working with contactors. Our contractor clients are treated as individuals for reviewing their needs, and we recommend at the earliest opportunity a review of your expenses is carried out. Basically, for the contract you are working on, an understanding of what expenses you are incurring and likely to incur over the length of the contract. What we are offering contractors is ‘peace of mind’ in the knowledge that accounts are processed, and we work within the requirements specified by HMRC. It is essential to appreciate that not meeting your legal requirements to file accounts and complete a company tax return is breaking the law, and penalties can be severe if not done. The resultant non-filing can only lead to future problems.
From April 2019 anyone required to complete a tax return will have to change the way tax returns are submitted to HMRC. HMRC will require tax returns to be processed and filed on a quarterly basis, and the annual tax return will come to an end. The change will have little impact on you, as we work with automated software that will deal with the changes necessary. As long as expenses are managed by you in the way we explain below, we file each quarter on your behalf. We can also advise you on a quarterly basis how much tax you will need to pay towards your annual payment of tax.
We offer each contractor advice on their expenses and the best way to minimise the tax payment at the end of the year. As a ‘package’ we can offer you an easi way to keep compliant with HMRC LESS HASSLE IN YOUR LIFE – As a limited company an invoice has to be raised to the client you have undertaken a contract with. Our Agency will deal with this process if requested to do so, and our ‘package’ fee will offer a ‘special’ price for this. Expenses are your responsibility, and to maximise your income it is essential to claim expenses that meet the criteria for HMRC.
To manage the main expenses that you will incur with your company we use a simple way for you to record them. We refer to this as the ‘easi’ way. Every contractor has a dedicated page within the software we use to manage accounting matters. The contractor either chooses to take a photo of the invoice/receipt using their smart phone and download directly to their accounting page, or email us direct, and we process the receipt on your accounting page.
The benefit for you is that once emailed to us, it is no longer necessary to keep that receipt, we have the copy on our system. The fee package is fully inclusive at £24.88 weekly.
➤ Competitive pricing;
➤ Enjoy the benefits of working with us
➤ Maximise your income
➤ Find out how to claim expenses that will be accepted by HMRC
➤ Reduce the amount of tax that you need to pay
➤ Less time needed to manage your records